What We Do

Integrity Tools & Safety, LLC - Quality Products & Services Through 25+ Years of Dedication

Integrity Tools & Safety, LLC is a manufactures' representative providing tools and safety equipment solutions to the electric, Commercial and Industrial and oil and gas industries in Texas & Oklahoma.

Integrity Tools & Safety - Safety Awareness Electric Utility Powerline Safety Equipment

Safety Awareness

Integrity Tools & Safety can provide on-site awareness and safety assistance on either manufactures’ new or existing products. Often, we will bring in a manufacture into the demonstration. These individuals can provide a hands-on experience from their daily use. And in return, they take the input, questions, and suggestions towards future enhancements and development.

  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Assist With Composing Grounding Needs
  • New Employee Fittings
  • New Product Demonstrations

Ongoing Support

We strive to provide you the best ongoing support. If that is assisting with continued maintenance, troubleshooting difficulties with your purchase, replacement of older models with newer models and the developmental changes for improvement, or making sure that your products meet the safety standards set by your company, local, state and federal regulations. Integrity Tools maintains a small number of manufactures, in order to assure that you know how to best use the products we represent. This action allows us to center on the customer’s needs and provide essential and quick response to any and all requests.

Integrity Tools & Safety - Ongoing Safety Equipment Support
Integrity Tools & Safety - Cost Effective Lineman Safety Equipment

Cost Effective

With Integrity in our company name, we are not going to push products on distributors and customers that are not necessary just for the “sell factor”. We based our foundation on working with the distributors and customers to find the manufactures’ items needed in the most cost-effective manner possible. With being a small family owned business, we understand budgetary restraints and will strive to provide the best product to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.



Please feel free to reach out to us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

We strive to keep pace with new technology and our goal is to find and offer safer and more efficient and reliable products. We offer product training and ongoing support to insure you get the most out of your investments.